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The current world is terrible. It is insensitive, uncalled for and treacherous. This is the universe of cash. It is not for individuals. It is for the individuals who deliver this cash, for investors and lenders, government and tycoons. What's more, individuals are simple "pawns" in this amusement. They simply serve them as chaperons. 
Why do investors work less and procure a hundred times more? 

What lies behind the social welfare? Work. In any case, why do brokers carry on a hundred times superior to anything normal individuals who truly buckle down? Do the brokers work harder? Unquestionably they don't! Moreover they don't deliver any material qualities, instead of the specialists. Why then the distinction in wage is so tremendous? 

Numerous miracle with all truthfulness now, perusing this: "Well... a broker and a specialist, they can't be thought about! The broker the leader of the Bank, he has control over cash, and is all around joined. What's more, we are conventional individuals, having no force or clout. Actually, the broker lives superior to anything we do. 

In the interim, there is nothing "characteristic" here. The fact is that everybody got used to this situation and takes it as is normally done. Individuals trust this is the method for the world, that a financier needs to live better and it can't be something else. In any case, in all actuality things are distinctive and the circumstance can be changed!! 

In any case, yet, why? Why does the financier work less, yet live better? Superior to an assembly line laborer, excavator, oil rigger, or woodcutter? Since the financier has dependably got cash. Precisely! It's about cash! Cash! This is the general purpose, the foundation! What's more, about it, we ought to talk in more points of interest. 

On the off chance that cash is a measure of work, why is the world unjustifiable? 

All in all, what is cash? Have you ever considered it? Might be it is a figuring instrument or a measure of work? As we are told from youth, we need to work, work and work, in light of the fact that cash won't tumble down from the sky. It ought to be genuinely and scarcely earned! Everybody was persuaded it from the support . It's fascinating, what might extremely rich people say to that, who sincerely and scarcely earned every one of their billions. It's crazy, would it say it isn't? 

Indeed, we work without stop. In any case, what would it be a good idea for us to expect at last? Low wages and benefits, and no rest, however a steady battle with obligations. What's more, half-starved seniority... You have spent all your life, working for very rich people, you have been taken away all your influence, vitality and wellbeing, you've been crushed like a lemon, and after that you've been recently misled into the dustbin as a compose. 

Is it right? Yet, that is the world. This horrendous reality of the present day society. This is the thing that we ought to all expect at last more likely than not; all that matters winds up along these lines for most by far of individuals in today's reality. As it wound up for their moms and fathers, grandmas and granddads ... As it will wind up, in the current situation, for their kids and grandchildren ... incredible grandchildren ... At that point, in their turn, for their kids and grandchildren ... Thus on ... That is the method for the world. 

Why? The greater part of this isn't right, out of line! It must not exist! Why do a few individuals have everything, except others have nothing? Why do a few individuals stroll in brilliant shoes, yet the others scarcely bring home the bacon? They don't know how to bolster their kids, albeit every one of them "work genuinely". Why does it happen?! Yet we are every one of the general population. We are "equivalent", right? At that point why?! 

Since there is a lie around us. A gigantic, constant, enormous, adorning lie. Try not to think anything that is telecasted day by day on TV by satisfied and very much prepared experts of life. 

Furthermore, individuals are not rise to, and the cash is not even a measure of work. The majority of this is a discourteous and improper untruth. We are encompassed by untruth! Furthermore, still the vast majority trust it all and keep on living in the out of line and out of line world. Why do they cheat you? Just to make it simpler to control you. 

Is everybody of us equivalent? It's rubbish! 

Envision yourself as a very rich person now. On the other hand even as a conventional useless individual from the parliament. Is it true that you are equivalent? In what? You live differently, eat differently, and rest differently. In one day he spends more than you spend for a year! His wife is wearing underclothes more costly than the entire closet of your wife... He is dealt with in the best Swiss centers. What's more, shouldn't something be said about you? His kids and yours.. Have you thought about? All things considered, where is your "uniformity"? 

Maybe, you are equivalent in the rights, right? Gracious, however we overlooked the rights. As it is composed in the Constitution of diverse nations, would it say it isn't? Be that as it may, how about we attempt to discover, what sort of "equivalent" rights do we have with oligarchs or investors? Only an inquisitive! 

The privilege to work? All things considered, we have such a privilege. However some truly work for peanuts, though the others scarcely do anything, gaining millions and billions. Is it ordinary? 

The privilege to choose and to be chosen? Gee ... All things considered, you can choose, obviously, the pleasure is all mine. What's more, shouldn't something be said about "to be chosen"? Here's very distinctive story. To join in decision crusades you require a considerable measure of cash. What's more, what kind of opinion is it maintaining? You will never acquire it as a run of the mill laborer. Consequently in government there are the general population who have broad money related stock. It's dangerous to take an interest in the decisions for a normal individual and there's no real way to win. 

Truth be told, individuals are not break even with in anything. An always advancing social imbalance — here's the genuine picture! 

Anyway, what is cash? 

Presently we proceed onward to cash. Obviously, cash is not any "quantify of work". These are children's stories for dolts. Else you would live like a master. On the other hand possibly you don't work sufficiently much? Tragically, cash is only a device to hold every one of us in bondage. We are all slaves. Slaves of cash. All the more absolutely, we are slaves of those, who print cash. They are our bosses. 

Indeed, nothing has been changed at all amid every one of these hundreds of years on Earth. We have been living so far in the slave-owning framework, which has experienced simply outside changes. Everything has turned out to be simply more enlightened and refined. On the off chance that long ago slaves had genuine shackles — corroded and steel, then today they are just imperceptible, however despite everything they exist. We don't appear to have them, and can go wherever we need. There are no shackles, we are apparently free! On the other hand, things are distinctive. It is cash that is our shackles in the cutting edge world. 

By and by none of us is free. "Flexibility" is a deception. Cash — that is the point! We are truly nothing without cash. We require a home, garments, nourishment and can't live in a cavern and even to go chasing, we require cash now. It is important to have cash all around! Since everything around us is only for cash. You can't make a solitary stride without it! In any case, where would we be able to discover cash? Perhaps to gain it? 

Have you ever pondered that it is unethical to exchange yourself? That it is a sort of prostitution to offer your own particular qualities, brains, time... What is the distinction from the exchanging your own particular body? Indeed, yet you will protest that individuals need to work. On the off chance that everyone would quit doing his employment, what's going to happen then?! We will resettle in hole once more, won't we? 

That is strange. The same "persuading" contentions could be heard without a doubt in the slave society, when the slaveholders had been attempting to make comprehend their slaves, who, for reasons unknown, would not like to work for them, and asked diverse inquiries. What's more, later, the same contentions the proprietors told their serfs unmistakably and unhesitatingly: "All things considered, on the off chance that you quit working, what's going to happen then?! Our general public will crumple! Also, we will bite the dust of hunger!!!" 

Yes, it is important to work, to make something valuable for the general public. Generally the general public will corrupt and bite the dust. However, firstly, we need to work willfully, not for a dish of soup and not just so as to survive; we need to do what we like! 

Furthermore, also, while we are on the subject, once it is important to work — it is essential for everybody. All individuals are equivalent, right? So let everyone work. The circumstance, when a few individuals win cash (in the mines, at the production line, squandering their exertion and wellbeing!) while others essentially print it (kicking back and tasting an intriguing mixed drink), is unusual. Such a circumstance is not satisfactory on a fundamental level. What's more, there are no "clarifications" and reasons to this situation. Totally! 

Cash is only a paper, confection wrappers, which is not sponsored by anything substantial and, as indicated by that, cash is basically printed freely, to anybody's heart's substance. And afterward these sweet wrappers are disseminated among the slaves (among any semblance of us) as "wages for work". When we are given an additional wrapper (our compensation is expanded) — we are upbeat. Is it accurate to say that you are stunned? Tsk-tsk, that is our astringent reality. 

The entire monetary world is a pyramid! 

How is the monetary world composed? It is a pyramid. The Fed the U.S. Central bank System is at the highest point of it. The Fed makes dollars. What amount? As much as they need! Obviously, Fed stick to some of their own inside standards and regulations; they make an effort, not to make an excess of dollars to avert complete downgrading of the coin, and so on. In any case, on a fundamental level the Fed can make the same number of dollars as they need. In any event, there are no any outer constraints for that. Totally! The U.S. Bolstered is guided exclusively by the reasons of convenience. 

The lower levels of this worldwide pyramid are the national banks of diverse nations; all other nearby national banks are arranged on even lower levels. (Obviously, the majority of this is marginally rearranged, however by and large everything mirrors a general picture). Really, why do we require banks? Talking allegorically, banks assume the part of veins in the social living being. Through these vessels the cash (blood) from the heart (the Central Bank) enters every one of its organs. Cash (blood) wash these organs, it conveys life to them!.. Such a fascinating correlation :- )) 

In which association dollar

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