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MMM is the Community where individuals trust and help one another. That is the reason it utilizes a guideline — "one and only record for one individual". Just a man of legitimate age is permitted to take part in MMM. Every member needs to have their own remarkable Bitcoin account. In MMM System you are permitted to add a few Bitcoin records to your own office. On the other hand, take note of that all Bitcoin wallets you add need to have a place with you. 

The nonappearance of multi-records (when one individual registers in the framework a few times) — is the way to rapid and manageable improvement of the Community later on. The person who makes different records, and along these lines tries to acquire extra, not gave in the standards rewards — misdirects their associates and companions, and at last — themselves. Such cheats will be blocked for the last time and quickly removed from our Community! We require just legit individuals who improve the world! 

On the off chance that you haven't damaged the guidelines however your record has been blocked, you ought to keep in touch with the Support and join screenshots of your issue. You may have been associated with unjustifiable support and naturally hindered by the framework. In addition, the CRO (MMM-police) can ask for your to give a proof of your personality — a photograph or an output of your visa, or the video record clarifying all the circumstance. On the off chance that the member hasn't abused the tenets there's nothing to stress over. He will be unblocked and the boycott won't influence his MAVROs development in any case. 

CRO has compelling devices to figure out if the records have a place with the same individual or to distinctive individuals. On the off chance that you just have one record and you take after these proposals, you don't have to stress. In an amazing case, regardless of the possibility that you have been blocked (incidentally), yet you have taken after every one of the suggestions — you will have the capacity to affirm your character, your record will be opened, and the development of your Mavro won't be influenced. That is the reason play reasonable, resist the urge to panic! We're on your side! 

General Rules: 

For cooperation the whole must be from $10 to $10 000 and different of $10 

The measure of help you gave transforms into MAVRO (traditional unit in MMM System). For instance, if the member has given help of 1000 USD, he will be recompensed with 1000 MAVRO-USD. 

You can have MAVRO in MMM Extra program. You can join in it strictly when you make a "Give Help" ask for in your PO. 

You will get 0.67%/day naturally the following day you make your PH ask. Your MAVRO will develop by 20% in 30 days 

Absolute GROWTH = 30 days x 0.67%/day = 20% 

In the event that an undertaking in MMM EXTRA is affirmed, then an extra 2.67%/days hobby will be included. Along these lines, you will get 3.33% enthusiasm on the day you have finished (and affirmed by arbitrator) your day by day errand in MMM EXTRA. On the off chance that you have finished every single day by day undertaking (and every one of them was affirmed) in MMM EXTRA inside of 30 days, your MAVRO will develop by 100% 

All out GROWTH = 30 days x (0.67% + 2,67%) = 100% 

MAVRO development is ascertained on the measure of MAVRO you contributed. 

Enrollment Bonus +20$, +50$ or +100$. At the point when marking in members are conceded with the reward from $20 to $100. Certainly, this cash is given to full members making their first commitment. 

+$20 will be credited to you if your commitment is from $50 to $499. The reward is solidified for two weeks. On the off chance that you take out your commitment prior, the reward will be drop. 

+$50 will be recompensed to you, if your commitment is from $500 to $2999. this reward is solidified for a month. 

+$100 will be given to you if your commitment is $3000 and the sky is the limit from there. This reward is solidified for a month too. 

About solidifying: it implies in the event that you pull back your cash prior, you will lose just enlistment extra though the commitment with all premium accumulated will be paid to you. 

Members are credited with Referral Bonus +10% from the measure of the commitment made by each new part (referral) you welcomed to the System. The Bonus is paid in MAVRO 30% which may be taken out when the referral has given assistance and got his MAVRO confirmed.You can welcome a member through a referral join or MMM welcome (code word). You will get the reward from every referral's new commitment, yet just for "new" cash. For instance, in the event that he gives help of 1000 USD, you will get 100-USD reward. On the off chance that after that the member takes out 1500 USD and after that gave help of 2000 USD, the reward will be credited just for information/yield distinction i.e. for 1500 USD (1000-1500+2000=1500). Altogether the reward will make up 150 USD, yet not 200 USD. 

Guider's Bonuses +5%, 3%, 1%, 0,5%. They are multi-level rewards. The reward is paid in MAVRO 30%. You might take it out 2 weeks after the referral has given assistance and got his MAVRO affirmed. It works like Referral Bonus. Guider's reward is paid just for "new" stored cash. In the MMM System you have the chance to wind up some individual's guider. You have the privilege to enter the PO of the member whose guider you are and perform any operation which the member doesn't know how to do. It implies simply helping him along these lines. Members pick their guiders all alone. Guider don't have genuine power over members. 

5% — for the individuals who indicated you as their pioneer 

3% — for those whose chose their guiders members whose guider you are. 

the following level — 1% 

at that point 0,5% 

Et cetera. 

Here is the illustration 

For instance, if A chose you as his guider, B chose An as his guider and C's guider is B. That is to say, you will get 5% from A's commitment, 3% from B's and 1% from C's. On the off chance that somebody is under C, you will get 0.5% from him et cetera. 

Referrals and Guider's Bonuses from the same commitment are not included. It implies MAX Bonus for one member equivalents to (10% referral or 5% guider's). In the event that B is a referral of A's, while An is B's guider, then A will get 10% reward of B's commitment. 

Reward for the video in a "Letter of joy" is +5% or +3% of the measure of the got help. Every member is obliged to send the "Letter of satisfaction" in the wake of getting help. In the event that the letter is joined by video, then the member will get the applicable reward. The reward is included for the video in every "Letter of joy." 

5% of the measure of the got will be accumulated if the video will demonstrate your face and voice, and obviously, give the evidence of cash receipt. 

3% of the measure of the got offer you some assistance with willing get in the event that you give the video affirming the withdrawal, which won't demonstrat to you by and by. You simply show on the screen your own office of MMM and the proof of getting help as bank articulations from your ledger or from the Internet managing an account. 

The reward for video is paid in MAVRO 30% and solidified for 1 month, and if amid this period you choose to evacuate the video, the reward will be drop. 

In two weeks after you have joined the group however you haven't made any commitments and haven't done any referral movement (i.e you haven't welcomed individuals through your referral connect or welcome) — your record in Private Office of MMM can be erased for idleness!! In this way in the event that you have any issues or addresses, please contact your guider through the contacts showed in the PO (Personal Office), or contact the Support, the catch in the upper right corner of the PO. 

In the event that you are an amateur and still haven't saw all elements of your Personal Office (PO) you can make your guider your control associate to help you with your record. Never share your PO email and secret word. In any case, regardless don't give anybody the secret key of your PO. You need to take after these proposals for your own security. 

The Community individuals ought to comprehend that the MMM regulations safeguard the hobbies of the members with a specific end goal to guarantee unfaltering work and stable installments. In MMM, cash is redistributed among the Community individuals just. Being straightforward is the fundamental need for the Community in light of the fact that MMM was made not for getting wealthier but rather to make budgetary relations between individuals more attractive. 

Equity, graciousness and genuineness in the cutting edge world are not a myth and dream any more, MMM has made them reality! By joining our powers, TOGETHER we can change the world!!! Long live MMM! Long Li

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