Saturday, January 2, 2016


MMM guiders are the establishment and quality of the Community. They pass on MMM to individuals, offer profitable information to individuals, welcome new individuals, educate and help members with respect to the Community when they have a few challenges, conduct gatherings. What's more, members absolutely ought to make sure that their Guiders are all around prepared and truly qualified to their position. 

That is the reason MMM Global opened Guiders' School and gives the chance to each dynamic Community part to enlist, to finish the course and get the status of a Guider! Just guiders have the likelihood to enlist members straight from their own particular PO on account of a catch called — "Include member" and make their own structures and get rewards from every individual from his structure. Guiders are in direct contact with the Administration of MMM and the Coordinators of MMM in different nations which gives the chance to the MMM Leaders to tune in forming the eventual fate of the MMM Community and the Whole World! 

It is an energizing open door! You will have a ton of fun meeting new individuals from everywhere throughout the world, discover companions, accomplices and make your own particular group which will shake the entire MMM Community! 


Many individuals are interested of what's being taught at the MMM Global Guider's School, so we give more insights about whatever is going ahead there. Presently anyone who is considering graduating can take the right choice for himself/herself. 

— "Incredible things are not done by motivation, but rather by a progression of little things united," George Eliot. 

There are the arrangement of little yet vital things united in the MMM Global Guider's School: 

You will know more about MMM and the way it works. 

Meet the top pioneers of MMM Global, have lessons with them and be guided by them. 

Discover diverse methods for working in interpersonal organizations and how to approach individuals. 

Figure out how to handle troublesome circumstance that may go ahead your way. 

Know how to make your own Youtube channel and sort out it appropriately. 

The most effective method to make and record your own recordings — simple and fun. 

Think deliberately and arrangement in a long haul prospect. 

Work in a group. 

What's more, the most essential thing: you will figure out how to be genuine Leaders! 

Other than that, in the School you will without a doubt make companions from everywhere throughout the world, convey and share your experience and thoughts. 

Instructive PROCESS 

Instruction in the School is given online and endures to 8 days. Every day school gatherings are booked: it is a chance to counsel the guide and to impart individual accomplishments to colleagues. Understudies are without given preparing materials — they just need a PC or portable workstation. Preparing is led in English. 


— "If opportunity doesn't thump, fabricate an entryway," Milton Berle. 

With staggering diligent work, conviction and quality from the whole MMM Community we are glad to have constructed this DOOR, now it's your swing to just thump! What's more, you may discover the answer you have been searching for all your life, discover peace, bliss and in particular be satisfied! 

Last, yet not minimum — It is totally gratis! 

Keep in mind: on the off chance that you are dynamic and persevering, you can simply depend on full backing of MMM group. So turn into a pioneer, assemble your own structures, build up the Community, change your life for good and Together we'll change the entire World! 

In the event that you need to apply to MMM Guider's School, take after the connection underneath (thump the entryway! :- )). 

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