Saturday, January 2, 2016


Have you viewed? Who is it about? About insects? On the other hand about us? The general population who were conceived in the bank framework? 

Don't you once in a while believe that you were conceived for more prominent things? Not for glass jugs, not for the bluntness and sadness that encompasses you today? Not to be compelled to buckle down from morning till night for another person and get hopeless pennies for this diligent work? 

Furthermore, spend all your life on this! 

The main life you have, in light of the fact that you won't get another!! 


Did you consider it? On the off chance that yes, then we have the same way! 

We Are Changing The World! 

Today you help other people — tomorrow you will be made a difference! 

Then again not. Here's something else. A little deviation. 

Most importantly. For data. Regardless we live in a slave society. As we did a great many years prior. Nothing has changed from that point forward. But that the chains are monetary at this point. That is the main contrast. What's more, for the rest, everything is the same. There are slaves and proprietors. The proprietors are the ones who print cash. Have you got astonished? :- )) 

Next. What is cash? Nothing! Nihil. An apparition. Vacancy! Simply the brilliant paper, wonderfully finished with numerous kinds water marks, symbols and pictures. (Generally the pictures of extraordinary men. They look so respectable. :- )) Owners print it in any amount and when they need to. 

Cash is nothing more except for wrap paper. Proprietors offer it to slaves as "pay for work". Doing it, they instruct the slaves gravely that "cash must be earned genuinely." And the slaves dutifully hear them out. We are mentally programmed from the support with a wide range of books, flyers, movies, broad communications — this entire monster, all around sorted out and savagely effective state indoctrinating machine. The slaves don't know different things, and they surmise that the world ought to work like this and they have no different ways. Be that as it may, they do!! 

Together we change the world! 

P.S. One all the more thing. Actually, individuals needn't bother with much cash. That is not cash which is critical. It is essential that you know about having it! You know there's a cash box, which you can open whenever and take out as much cash as you need. That is what is truly critical! Trust later on. Unwavering quality. 

Presently MMM is such a cash box. One regular box. For everyone. The cash box, where a huge number of individuals keep their assets. Do you require cash? Open and take it. As much as you need. That is it. A kind of worldwide common guide store. Today you have helped — tomorrow you will be made a difference! This is the purpose of the System. Perused IDEOLOGY. Before you join. This is essential! 


There are no insurances and guarantees! Neither express nor understood. 

There are neither speculations nor business! Members help one another, sending one another cash specifically and without mediators. There's nothing more to it! There's nothing more. 

There are no securities exchanges, no association with the expert members of the securities market; you don't get any securities. (Do you require them? :- )) 

There are no standards. On a basic level! The main guideline is no tenets. By any means! Regardless of the possibility that you take after the greater part of the guidelines, despite everything you might "lose". "Win" won't not be paid. With no reasons or clarifications. 

Furthermore, when all is said in done, you can lose all your cash. Never forget about this and take an interest just with extra cash. Then again don't take part by any stretch of the imagination! So be it.

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